Mysterious Midwest

Episode 44: A Very Spooky Holiday

December 23, 2019

Cue the jingle bells - it's time for a holiday episode! We bring in our other halves to tell you about some odd and spooky holiday traditions all over the globe, including Tió de Nadal, Caganers, Saturnalia, Frau Perchta, and Mari Lwyd. 

Heads up - in the most Midwestern of ways, we misprounounce a whole lotta stuff in this episode - most significantly "Caganer" which we now recognize is pronounced (Cah-Guh-Nay). Sincere apologies to all Spanish speaking folks - I promise, our intentions are pure! 

Required Viewing: Tió de Nadal Video/Song

For images and notes related to this episode click here.

Tió de Nadal:,,
El Caganer:,,
Saturnalia:, Conspirazine,,
Frau Perchta:,,
Mari Lwyd:,,, Museum.Wales


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